Species Bird
Gender Female
Series Moose and Zee

Zee D. Bird is a mute bird and she is Moose A. Moose's sidekick in the television channel, Moose and Zee. She is a female mascot of Nick Jr. host next to Piper O'Possum who is also a female mascot as well. She is also the only mascot and host on Noggin to be a girl.


Zee is a small and silent bird, as well as Moose's on-air sidekick. Although unable to speak, Zee communicates astonishingly well via the odd blink, wing flaps, and blank looks. Zee represents "them." Zee knows what the audience knows and sees what the audience sees.

Her origins and how she was mute is pretty unknown


Zee is mostly blue. She has white eyes with black pupils, a yellow beak and pink legs. She wears a pink flower.


Zee appears in many Moose and Zee shorts. She does not appear in the recurring segment of how to pet someone's dog (due to her being replaced by Bruce A. Moose, Moose's nephew).

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