Plot Edit

Once Upon a Time, There was a little Wubbzy lost in the forest.

He eats some yummy porridge but he finds one too hot, one too cold, and one just right.

Later, 3 bears arrive at their cabin after running errands.

The Mommy Bear and Daddy Bear eat their porridge but find that their son isn't eating.

The Mother and Father bear look confused and the son heads up stairs to nap when he notices Wubbzy in his bed.

Widget confronts the father bear and she kicks him out the house.

The Baby Bear afraid and protects her baby and goes to fight Widget.

Widget, Walden, and Wubbzy leave and go to the chopper and head home

Recap Edit

Once Upon a Time, There was a little Wubbzy lost in the forest. He finds a cabin and goes inside, there's nobody home. He eats some yummy porridge but he finds one too hot, one too cold, and one just right.

He feels tired after his long journey in the woods so he went upstairs to bed and found 3 different beds, 1 too hard, 1 too soft, and one just right. So he sleeps in the third one.

Later, 3 bears arrive at their cabin after running errands.

The Mommy Bear and Daddy Bear eat their porridge but find that their son isn't eating. They ask why and he explains that someone ate his porridge.

The Mother and Father bear look confused and the son heads up stairs to nap when he notices Wubbzy in his bed. He cries and the father Bear scolds Wubbzy out. Wubbzy cries and Widget finds him. She comforts him and assures him that everything is going to be alright.

Widget goes to the cabin and the father bear looks angry. She confronts the father bear and she kicks him out the house. The Baby Bear afraid and his behind his mom. She protects her baby and goes to fight Widget.

Walden steps in and charms everyone and wants them to be friends.

Widget, Walden, and Wubbzy leave and go to the chopper (Helicopter) where Daisy is waiting and head home.

The End.

(The episode fades to pitch black and after that the post-show skit Jukebox Robot (Unknown Number) runs.)

Post-Show Skit Edit

The segment Jukebox Robot (Segment 21) plays.

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