Wubbzy: Up To Eleven is an american television series created by Bob Boyle and Benjamin Vic, aired from 2011 to present, unlike the original Wubbzy series, this series is rated TV-Y7 or sometimes TV-PG for a bit language (example: Stupid, Idiot, etc.), and is the first Wubbzy series to air on Nickelodeon rather than Nick Jr.

Plot Edit

Wubbzy (now 14) is still having fun with his friends, only to find out he is a jerk, and that everyone (but his friends) hate him, Widget (now 20) is now a computer generator worker who makes robots using the computer, Walden (now 19) is very smart as usual, and Daizy (now 12) became dumb.

Cast Edit

  • Every actor from the show has been replaced. (except for Wubbzy and Daizy).

Grey DeLisle - Wubbzy, Kooky Kid, Madame Zabinga, Earl

Alyson Court - Widget (season 1-2)

Lisa Ann Beley - Widget (season 3-present)

Roger Craig Smith - Walden, Chef Fritz, Buggy, Moo-Moo

Tara Strong - Daizy, Huggy

Episodes of Wubbzy: Up To Eleven

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