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Wubbzy is coming back to have fun with you all again. Have fun with him with 154 new episodes, 2 CDs/Albums, 5 DVDS and 77 songs! See him and his friends again real soon!

Episodes Edit

Wubbzy keeps sneezing and he doesn't know why.

Wuzzleburg gets flooded and Wubbzy's treehouse falls apart from the very severe wind and needs something to float on since he doesn't have a boat.

Wubbzy wants to become a superhero.

Wubbzy gets busy when he overdoes himself.

Wubbzy runs away after he accidentally messes his friends up. So Wuzzleburg throws a party and citizens go to the city Wubbzy ran to telling him to come back.

Wubbzy gets up high in the air and gets too scared to get down.

Wubbzy gets inspired to be a cop but takes it too far when he drives after a criminal.

Wubbzy gets sued by someone he never knew.

Wubbzy keeps getting aggravated.

Wubbzy participates in a Kickety-Kickball tournament

After swapping brains, Widget must figure out how to make Walden and Wubbzy get their normal bodies back.

Wubbzy's birthday is today but he finds that no one is around except Earl. They both solve a mystery where everyone is.

After Wubbzy injures himself while playing kickety-kickball, He must rest his body but fails to follow Dr. Flooey's directions.

  • Episode 9: Rickety Reverse (2 hour special)

Wubbzy finds a time machine and his friends join him on adventures.

  • Episode 10a: Help Wanted

Wubbzy keeps getting needed and he is tired of it.

  • Episode 10b: Things Go Wrong

Wubbzy keeps going wrong.

  • Episode 11a: Allergic To Wubbzy?

Wubbzy suffers an allergic reaction.

  • Episode 11b: Hello, How R U?

Wubbzy starts using bad grammar.

• Episode 12a: Music Wubbustry

Wubbzy becomes a singer and gets too much hits that his friends need to get him out of the music obsession.

• Episode 12b: MotherWUBBer!

Wubbzy uses a new word and Wuzzleburg try to stop him


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