Plot[edit | edit source]

After Wubbzy, Daizy, Remy and  Jojo won $900,000,000 and a first-class trip to Europe on a game show, they attempt to have the time of their lives in Paris, France. Along the way, they start bickering over stuff they want but don't necessarily need. But when an infiltrator of Interpol (working undercover as a snobbish hotel manager) mixes them up for potential smugglers working for the country's most sly and dangerous mafia, our two small but - well, not so bright or brave - heroes must work together to defeat the bad guys' plan, prove their innocence and save the day.

Trivia/Goofs[edit | edit source]

  • The film was going to be released in theaters April 29, 2005, then it planned to be released in theaters October 14, 2005, but was ultimately released in theaters February 24, 2006 (1 year before).
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