Wow Wow Wubbzy is an series that aired on Noggin (now Nick Jr.) (then on PBS KIDS)

Episodes Edit

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N# Season N# Ep. First air date Last air date
Season 1 50 May 26, 2003 January 2, 2004
Season 2 49 February 9, 2004 September 11, 2005
Season 3 89 January 1, 2006 None

Characters Edit

  • Wubbzy: Voiced by Grey DeLisle
  • Widget: Voiced by Lara Jill Milelr
  • Walden: Voiced by Carlos Alzaraqui
  • Kooky Kid: Voiced by Adam Rudman.
  • Huggy: Also voiced by Lara Jill Miller
  • Mr. Jelly: Voiced by Bob Boyle.
  • Daizy:Voiced by Tara Strong

Trivia Edit

  • Bob Boyle is also the creator of the Jetix original Yin Yang Yo.
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