t is still on NickToons, but early in the morning.

From Pooh Bear: Tuesday, January 4, 2005


I do not watch any cartoons in the morning, but maybe I can watch 10-15 minutes of Franklin, but that's the only show I can watch before Breakfast time.

From Rabbit: Wednesday, January 5, 2005


My Great Wife likes Blue's Clues, Play With Me Sesame, Tiny Planets and Maisy. Those are the best Noggin shows Ever.

From Owl: Thursday, January 6, 2005


My son Roo likes Wow! Wow! Wubbzy! Tigger said "You look like Wubbzy, don't you?" and Roo agreed with him. He likes it when they show a game segment of Wubbzy, Saturday and Sunday Morning after Tiny Planets. But he gets sad, he crys every time Wubbzy says "That's the end of our game. See you soon! Bye-Bye!" and when Sesame Street comes on, Tigger tells him that Wubbzy will come back on later. Tigger and Roo said "Wow! Wow! Wubbzy! would come on after Little Bear", but it comes on again right after Play With Me Sesame. He HATES Miffy & Friends and freaks out every time Miffy comes on.

From Kanga: Friday, January 7, 2005


Gopher boy, I used to watch Rugrats all the time on Nickelodeon and I only watched it a few times on Noggin when Feetface and Moose and Zee were on the network.

From Tigger: Friday, January 7, 2005


You know, I love the show Maisy the Mouse, I love the part when Maisy sees Cyril has to the go to the potty, but it was too late.

From Piglet: Saturday, January 8, 2005


I always watch Noggin, which is owned by Nickelodeon and a Nick Jr. sister channel, but I didn't watch Rugrats too much.

From Roo: Saturday, January 8, 2005


Silly Old Rugrats on Noggin, I did watch it on the channel last year you know.

From Eeyore: Sunday, January 9, 2005

Pooh Bear

It is still on NickToons, but early in the morning.

From Pooh Bear: Tuesday, January 4, 2005