Not-Perfecto Party Part 1Edit

We are introduced to Wubbzy, Widget, Walden, Buggy, Huggy and Earl. Wubbzy paints some invitations and Widget makes a birthday sign, and Walden tells them he'll be making Marshmallow Lasagna, but he actually made his famous Food of Doom. Wubbzy tells his friends if they would like to burp (and calling Buggy a bugger) while Walden gets the ingredients. He goes to the Tablet Mountain to collect marshmallow-shaped tablets.

Not-Perfecto Party Part 2Edit

Wubbzy and his friends wait for Walden, until Wubbzy makes a cake (which is poisonous). When they taste the cake (although Buggy liked it), Wubbzy tells his friends Walden is going to explode their town. Walden picks some tablets and gets into his car but it breaks.

Not-Perfecto Party Part 3Edit

Walden jumps into his wagon and makes the Food of Doom. He passes by many people as he makes it while the party people dance to "Party Like a Rockstar". Walden goes in and out of the pee machine by the time he almost finished making it. Wubbzy and his friends talk about the party. Suddenly, they hear Walden putting a cherrybomb on top, and everyone runs off, leaving Wubbzy to try and save Wuzzleburg. However, Walden hits a rock and the whole town explodes!


After the account that had the video was closed, the creator's new channel claimed that the video will be remade.

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