The Stupid CupidEdit

Forgotten WubbzyEdit

Haunted HouseEdit

The Place for DaizyEdit

Wubbzy, Widget and Walden try to choose a special place for Daizy to hang out at. Daizy hopes it would be her favorite place in the park. The next morning, Daizy is put inside a bag and is carried to the place they chose. When Daizy climbs out, she finds herself in Wackyland, where "IT CAN HAPPEN HERE!". Daizy tiptoes along the ground and she sees Huggy rising out of a tall flower, playing "The William Tell Overture", using her nose as a flute. Huggy launches into a wild drum solo, which brings out many strange, weird, and oafish creatures, including Buggy dangling in midair from a swing that seems to be threaded through its own ears, a pink baby from the music video "Different People" in a pot, that showed the words "Starz a Foo", and infamous Kooky Kid imprisoned behind a free-floating barred window that he holds in his hands, then is hit by Gidget the Super Robot, who clangs the criminal on the head with an oversized nightstick. Daizy is then distracted by a blackfaced-Wubbzy saying "Mammy!", a horn-headed Walden-like creature, and a conjoined cat and dog hybrid creature spinning around like a tornado. REST TO BE CONTINUED

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