Halloween TVEdit


The ChallengeEdit

Walden tells Widget and Wubbzy that he'll be filming a show where he is riding his wagon on a rollercoaster. That night, believing that Walden might play a trick on them, Wubbzy and Daizy creep into a dryer which they think it's a safe place. Walden looks at the dryer, finding that Wubbzy and Daizy are in it, picks up the dryer, sticks a long stick to the dryer, sticks the other side of the stick to his wagon, and helps the Wuzzleburg residents set up the rollercoaster. The next day, everyone is excited that Walden is going to start his rollercoaster ride on TV. Walden gets on the rollercoaster and rides it, using his wagon as a rollercoaster car. The ride makes Wubbzy and Daizy dizzy. REST TO BE CONTINUED

The Super Lemony-Lemon TonicEdit

One night, Wubbzy is watching a show, when a commercial came on. It was Walden's Super Lemony-Lemon Drink (he and the Speakonia voices pronounce it as lee-mo-nee instead of lemon-ee). The next day, Madame ZaBinga arrives just in time for Wubbzy to tell her what he saw on TV. Wubbzy fills the pitchers with drinks. Madame Zabinga suggets to have an advertisment for the drink. So Wubbzy says that he could swallow big mouthfuls of the drinks.

Meanwhile, Daizy is skipping along. Suddenly she hears a familiar tune. She goes to the Wubb Club to see what's going on. She notices Widget and Walden playing the Annoying Orange tune while Wubbzy does various moves, saying it's "the best music ever in that Lemony-Lemon drink in that commercial I saw last night". He tries to tell Daizy if she bought the drink, but she ran away. Then Wubbzy drinks the Lemony-Lemon drink but Walden tells him to stop wasting his drink, telling him that he'll make the Food of Doom again (like he did in the first Walden is Stupid movie). Widget adds that the money will be wasted. Later Daizy decorates the stage, and makes costumes, but Wubbzy doesn't have time for it. When Madame Zabinga passes by, advertising, Widget says that the drink must not be wasted.

Unfortunately, Wubbzy loses his singing voice from wasting all the lemonade. While Wubbzy, Widget and Walden try to figure out what to do, they overhear Walden telling them that the police is arriving. And at the end of the episode, a police cop tells Walden that he made the drink terrible and made him too stupid for the show. And the biggest is that Walden is no longer allowed to film his show for 100 years. We cut to the outside of the Wubb Club building, Walden screams "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!", and the credits procceed.

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