Plot Edit

It was just a normal wake-up and when Wubbzy slid down, he sneezed, Wubbzy said, "That's strange? I wonder what is causing that!" He then decided to play kickety-kick ball, he sneezed when he kicked the ball and he fell and got hit with the ball. Wubbzy decided to go to Widget's workshop, Wubbzy asked, "How ya do-(sneeze) -ing?" Widget then blesses Wubbzy, he then explains that he has been sneezing, Widget then builds something to stop his sneezing, but it doesn't work as Wubbzy lets out a BIG sneeze! Widget suggests Wubbzy to go to Daizy's house.

so he does but he sneezes a lot on the way there. His right ear pushes the button as he jump-sneezes. Daizy does the same thing and greets Wubbzy, he greets Daizy saying, "Hi Dai-(sneeze) -zy!" Daizy blesses Wubbzy again. Wubbzy asks why is he sneezing, Daizy doesn't know and puts a flower on his nose thinking it will get better with a flower on it! Wubbzy fails it with a HUGE sneeze! Wubbzy saids that he TRULY doesn't feel sick. Wubbzy anyways thanks Daizy for the attempt. Daizy suggests Walden and Wubbzy agrees!

Wubbzy hits his head on Walden's door as he sneezes. Walden greets and blesses him. Wubbzy sneezes on the way inside and asks Walden why is he sneezing and says that he doesn't feel sick. Walden sends Wubbzy to his fake room to see if his sneezes violently, Wubbzy then sneezes MORE than violent, he broke some stuff in the museum and apologizes, Walden forgives him and suggests for him to go to the doctor, but Wubbzy gives up and sneezes home.

Wubbzy is sad in his bed, sneezing a lot as his friends and Dr. Flooey come in to see him, Flooey checks his temp and concludes that Wubbzy has the Sneezy Sneezes. His friends give him gifts and "Get Well Soon" cards and Wubbzy thanks them a lot, and says they are the best and sneezes one last time and goes to sleep to rest and the episode ends.

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