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Season 5 of Wow Wow Wubbzy premiered April 14, 2016 and ended July 22, 2018. This was created by Emma & Brayden.

About this show Edit

Come and play along with Wubbzy and his new friends. Be Kooky, Hilarious, and Everything in between. Wubbzy's back with all new friends and all-new episodes. He's the Kooky King. No one will ever take his throne. This is a golden Wubbzy season and we will always be sure to stick around for more. Even there is, NEW Characters, NEW Voices (Except Wubbzy has the same voice), NEW Songs, NEW Friends, Everything is new! Everything in Wuzzleburg is NEW! Come on down to the Wubb Club or The Treehouse and hang 10 with the Amigos. STAY kOoKy (KoOkY)!

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