The third season premiered on January 1, 2006. Jack appeared in every episode of this season. The third season premiered on the same day on Nick Jr. and on Noggin and was also later re-shown on Starz Kids in 2011.

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27a 1a "Who's That Boy?" January 1, 2006 201a
Wubbzy meets Jack the Raccoon at the park.
27b 1b "Noodles for Poodle Doodles January 1, 2006 201b
Daizy dresses Old Lady Zamboni's poodle Fifi with noodles.
28a 2a "Wubbzy and the Fire Engine" January 2, 2006 203a
Widget builds Wubbzy a Fire Engine. Later, when Chef Fritz is making a batch of pancakes on the top of a building, Wubbzy and Daizy mistake it for a fire to put out and Wubbzy gets stuck on top of the building, Daizy then gets out help from Walden, Widget, and the fire fighters. The wind picks up, the tower tilts, Wubbzy falls, but the fire fighters saved him just in time!
28b 2b "The Ring Around the Planet" January 2, 2006 203b
A Ring from Saturn accidentally falls to Earth as it landed in Daizy's garden as she befriends it as the others meet the Ring of Saturn as the gang decides to travel into Outer Space to return the Ring back to the planet Saturn.
29a 3a "Wubbzy and the Sparkle Stone" January 3, 2006 202a
Wubbzy, Widget and Walden take an adventure searching for Daizy’s lost glow-in-the-dark sparkle stone ring.
29b 3b "Meet the Wuzzles" January 3, 2006 202b
Wubbzy, Widget and Walden rehearse for a dance party at the Wubb Club. Daizy wants to join but can’t play an instrument, but whenever she tries to tell Wubbzy what she can do, Wubbzy gives her lots of chores instead. When Wubbzy loses his voice after drinking all the lemonade, he and the others find Daizy, who can really sing. Daizy jumps in and became a lead singer of the band.
30a 4a "Bye Bye Birdies" January 4, 2006 204a
When a flock of migrating La-Dee-Da Birds are drawn to the Wubb Club, Wubbzy and friends must find a way to draw them away before a snow storm hits.
30b 4b "Daizy's Biggest Sobbing" January 4, 2006 204b
Wubbzy accidentally breaks Daizy's Tea Cups. Wubbzy tells Daizy wan't to stop crying, but Daizy is not stop crying or something.
31a 5a "Walden Goes To Jail" January 5, 2006 205a
Walden called 911 and Walden said "I am going to go for a walk! Oh my gosh! who later the donut. coffee and Macabre yogurt!" and Officer said "you arrested for littering you donut, coffee and Macabre yogurt!" and Walden said "but officer. I really didn't do it they we're laying down while I was walking!" and Police man said " get in the car, you're going to jail for 1,000,000,000 years" Later, the police man grabbed him into jail, and Walden started to cry. Walden was crying because Wubbzy misses Walden. and then wubbzy cuts off a dickle and shoves it up his ass
31b 5b "Moo Moo’s Snoozity Snooze" January 5, 2006 205b
Moo Moo walks in his sleep, casting magic spells all over Wuzzleburg. Problems arise when Walden rides away on a train and Widget's clock flies away!
32a 6a "Welcome to the Dollhouse" January 6, 2006 210a
Wubbzy and Daizy use Widget’s Shrinky-Dinky 3000 so they can play in Daizy’s dollhouse but problems arise when they get lost.
32b 6b "What Would Wubbzy Do?" January 6, 2006 210b
After Widget and Walden go on a meteorological expedition, Daizy gets Wubbzy to deliver her jars of doodleberry jelly.
33a 7a :Kickety Kick Ball" January 7, 2006 211a
Wubbzy and Daizy bring lots of colorful Kickity Kick Balls and play with their friends at the park.
33b 7b "Daizy and the Creepy Forest" January 7, 2006 211b
Wubbzy and his friends go to a dark creepy forest, but Daizy is too scared to enter it.
34a 8a "Just a Lovely Girl" January 8, 2006 212a
Daizy wants to have a hair salon, but everyone has their hair done somewhere else in Wuzzleburg, so she ends up doing the hair styles for animals.
34b 8b "New Kid on the Block" January 8, 2006 212b
A new kid named Murphy moves to Wuzzleburg and has more Captain Wonderpants merchandise than Wubbzy, so Wubbzy gets jealous. In the end, Murphy becomes a new pal of Wubbzy.
35a 9a "Widget Goes to the Peaty" January 9, 2006 207a
Walden has to rush out of the bathroom to answer the door and Widget runs in to use the peaty. However, she pees on the floor, because the toilet is too high. 
35b 9b "Daizy's Bad Dream" January 9, 2006 207b
Wuzzleburg is having an autumn festival and Wubbzy and Daizy are very determined to win with their pumpkins.
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