The first season debuted on Rockit on May 8, 2012.

Season 1 Edit

  1. (1) In the Egg / Where has Wubbzy Gone? - Wubbzy finds a Birdie Bird egg and waits for it to hatch. ; Wubbzy runs away from home after being treated with such disrespect from his friends.
  2. (2) Poisoned Wubbzy / Noodles for Poodle Doodles - Wubbzy accidentally eats a Poisonous Doodleberry and develops a poison rash.; Daizy dresses Old Lady Zamboni's poodle Fifi with noodles.
  3. (3) Wubbzy gets Caught / Finding the Glowing Rainbow Crystal - While taking a stroll trough the forest, Wubbzy walks right into an old net trap, being stucked without any chances to escape. ; Daizy and Wubbzy go on an adventure to find the Glowing Rainbow Crystal.
  4. (4) Just a Lovely Girl / Locked in School - Daizy finds out that Wubbzy has a crush on her. ; Widget and Wubbzy accidentally get locked in their school and must find a way to get out.
  5. (5) A Song of Three / Moo Moo's Finale of Magic - The Wubb Girlz create a song about their friendship. ; Moo Moo the magician is retiring and puts on his final magic act.
  6. (6) Walden's Buried Treasure / Wubbzy's Current Location - Walden builds a time capsule and when Wubbzy digs in the dirt, he sees it and doesn't know that he's not supposed to open it until a few more years. ; Wubbzy's pals learn that Wubbzy actually lives in the forest.
  7. (7) Breakfast, Brunch and Brinner / An Asteroid Journey into Space - Wubbzy combines breakfast and dinner to create Brinner. ; Wubbzy and Daizy fly into space and try to stop an asteroid from hitting Wuzzleburg.
  8. (8) Dancing with Daizy / Advancing the Gym Class - Daizy decides to take ballet lessons with Madame Zabinga. ; Wubbzy goes to an advanced school where he gets a report card, and has to change his grade in gym class when it goes down to a D. Note: Widget and Walden do not appear in 'Advancing the Gym Class'.
  9. (9) A Witchy Story / Great Fall Marathon - An evil witch is stealing everyone's Halloween candy and Wubbzy must find a way to stop her. ; Walden wins the Fall Marathon, making Wubbzy jealous because of his own loss.
  10. (10) Wubbzy's & Daizy's Time Travel Adventure (Movie 1) - Wubbzy and Daizy find a time mashine and take on a trip to the future, where fun and adventure awaits them.
  11. (11) Kickity Kick Ball Day / Daizy and the Creepy Forest - Wubbzy and Daizy bring lots of colorful Kickity Kick Balls and play with their friends at the park. ; Wubbzy and his friends go to a dark creepy forest, but Daizy is too scared to enter it.
  12. (12) Stuck on the Back / The Wishing Well - Wubbzy and Daizy accidently get glued on their backs. ; After seeing a shooting star, Wubbzy and his friends wish for one in every night so they get an endless amount of wishes.
  13. (13) Wubbzy's Perfect Holiday - Wubbzy wants to plan the perfect holiday party, but when things don't go the way he has planned, he gets upset about it.
  14. (14) Who's That Boy? - Wubbzy meets Jack the Raccoon at the park.
  15. (15) The Big Bully / Where's My Kickety Kick Ball? - A playground bully constantly picks on Wubbzy. ; Wubbzy loses his favourite Kickety Kick Ball.
  16. (16) The Magic Carpet / Sports Competition - Wubbzy finds a magic carpet in his closet, taking a ride with his friends above Wuzzleburg. ; Wubbzy and his friends compete in a sports competition.
  17. (17) Odd One Out / A Sunsational Surprise - After watching Jack and Wubbzy having fun and joking around, Daizy gets upset thinking that they don't want to play with her anymore. ; Everyone in Wuzzleburg try to keep out of the blazing sun.
  18. (18) Happy Birthday, Daizy! / Bad Boy Wubbzy - Jack accidentally breaks Daizy's birthday present after triping over a stone. ; Wubbzy becomes cursed and turns into a bad guy, now it's up to Widget, Walden, Daizy and Jack to bring him back.
  19. (19) Fight to the Finish (Movie 2) - In this 2 hour special, Wubbzy and his friends take on various challenges to keep Wuzzleburg from danger, from Mt Fizzy Pop erupting green goo to stopping a dark vortex from swallowing everything in its path.

Season 2 Edit

  1. (20) Friendship Over / Magnet Madness - Wubbzy and Jack fall out after Wubbzy accidently breaks Jack's new game console. ; Wubbzy starts to play with magnets, but when he ends up getting obsessed with them, his friends must find a way to rip him out of it.
  2. (21) The Ghost of Wuzzlewood - Wubbzy and friends go back to Wuzzlewood to have more fun, but they hear rumors about Wuzzlewood being haunted. They check every building, but don't find a ghost anywhere. However, a real ghost appears unknowingly and scares everyone out of Wuzzlewood. What should Wubbzy, Widget, Walden, Daizy and Jack do?
  3. (22) Wubbzy's Broken Foot / Wubbzy and the Beanstalk - Wubbzy brakes his foot after falling down the stairs. ; Wubbzy climbs up a beanstalk that magically grew in his garden. Note: Walden does not appear in 'Wubbzy's Broken Foot'.
  4. (23) Wubbzy and the Leaning Tower of Wuzzleburg / Jack's First Day of School - Wubbzy, Jack, and Daizy lose their way through the Leaning Tower of Wuzzleburg. ; Jack gets nervous about his first day of school.
  5. (24) Who're Those Creatures? / Gidget Returns - Wubbzy meets Andy the Penguin and HooHoo the Owl. ; Widget brings Gidget back, but HooHoo has an irrational fear of robots.
  6. (25) The Wuzzlewood Song / The Wuzzlewood Dance Recital - When the Wubb Girlz get into a fight over ideas for a new song and brake up, Wubbzy and the others must find a way to bring them back together. ; The group participate in a dance recital.
  7. (26) Bring Andy Back! / Four Boys and a Baby - Wubbzy and his friends must bring Andy to the hospital when he catches a horrible sickness. ; Wubbzy, Jack, Andy, and HooHoo take care of Ms Appletree's newborn while she's away. Note: Widget, Walden and Daizy do not appear in 'Four Boys and a Baby'.
  8. (27) Power Play / Detective Walden - Everyone in Wuzzleburg tries a new drink that makes them strong. ; Walden becomes a detective to find HooHoo's baseball. Note: Widget does not appear in 'Detective Walden'.
  9. (28) The Big Surprise / Walden's Birthday Party - Wubbzy, Daizy, Andy, Jack, and HooHoo plan a Thank-You-Party for Walden and Widget. ; Walden is having a birthday party at his house, but he accidentally invites a hyper Wubbzy.
  10. (29) W-w-wet W-W-Wubbzy / A Visit to Cake Town - Wubbzy, Andy, Jack, and HooHoo wake up to a wet spot on their beds. ; Wubbzy and his friends visit Cake Town.
  11. (30) The King of Wuzzleburg - The king of Wuzzleburg comes to town.
  12. (31) The Wuzzleburg Talent Show / Jack the Chef - When a talent show is hosting in Wuzzleburg, HooHoo has to overcome his fear of public speaking to sing a song about his friends. ; Jack wants to learn from Chef Fritz how to be a chef.
  13. (32) Wubbzy's Epic Yarn (Movie 3) - A wicked wizard appears in Wuzzleburg, turning everything into yarn. Now it's up to Wubbzy and his pals to stop the whole madness. Note: This movie is a spoof of 'Kirby's Epic Yarn'.
  14. (33) The Substitute Teacher / The Two Wubbzys - Captain Wonderpants fills in for Ms Appletree. ; Widget accidentally creates an evil clone of Wubbzy who wreaks everything in its sight, and everyone blames the real Wubbzy for the damage.
  15. (34) Wake Up, Wubbzy! / The Grand Prix - Wubbzy falls into a sleeping spell, and Jack, Andy, and HooHoo must try to wake him up. ; Andy, Jack, and HooHoo get so angry with each other, they decide to compete against in a grand prix.
  16. (35) The Spooky Party / The Haunted Mansion - HooHoo, Jack, and Andy play scary pranks on everyone in the Halloween party. Wubbzy tries to get them back after everyone gets angry with them. ; Daizy and Jack lose their way through a mansion.
  17. (36) Wubbzy-Noia! - Wubbzy, Widget, Walden, Daizy, Jack, Andy, and HooHoo are paralyzed with their greatest fears.
  18. (37) The Five Heroes of Wuzzleburg / The Wow Wow Wubbzy Inn - After protecting Wuzzleburg from a rampaging monster, Wubbzy, Daizy, Jack, Andy, and HooHoo become heroes of the town. ; Wubbzy turns the Wubb Club into a bed and breakfast, but things take a turn for the worst when Jack invites college students, causing havoc in the club.
  19. (38) The Wedding - Wubbzy, Jack, Andy, and HooHoo try to fix the Wubb Mobile after it brakes down on their way to a wedding.
  20. (39) The House of Vampires - Wubbzy, Jack, Andy and HooHoo agree to take care of Ms Appletree's house while she's away, but it gets worse for the boys when a group of vicious vampire bats trap them in Ms Appletree's bathroom where they're stuck for most of the night.

Season 3Edit

  1. (40) Wubbzy and Sweet / The Art of the Brains - Jack bets that Wubbzy can't go through a whole day without sweets, while Wubbzy bets that Jack can't go through a whole day without video games. ; Wubbzy tries to become smart like Walden.
  2. (41) The Blue Island / Jack and the Crew - After hearing the legend of the Blue Island, Wubbzy tries to find it, but his friends say that it's only a legend. ; Jack sneaks out of his house and joins a group of wild raccoons.
  3. (42) Owl does It / The Blooey Blues Returns - HooHoo tries to be like a proper owl. ; Widget gets the Blooey Blues again after she failes trying to rebuild the Wubb Mobile.
  4. (43) Zoo-Napped / Blacked Out - Jack, Andy, and HooHoo are taken to the zoo after being mistaken for real animals. ; A Black Out occurs in Wuzzleburg causing everyone to lose consciousness.
  5. (44) Last Day of School / The Nursery Caretakers - Wubbzy feels sad that it's the last day of school. ; Wubbzy and Jack are the nursery caretakers, but neither of them likes the job.
  6. (45) All Splashed Up - HooHoo makes his paintings come to life.
  7. (46) My Robot! - Wubbzy and Jack fight over a toy they brought together.
  8. (47) Feel the Owl Keen - HooHoo gets a bad case of Silly-itis.
  9. (48) My Favorite Hero - Wubbzy, Jack, Andy, and HooHoo go into training to become like their favorite superhero, Captain Wonderpants.
  10. (49) HooHoo's Dilemma - Walden's sister comes to town and HooHoo is having a hard time getting to know her.
  11. (50) Not You at All - Wubbzy can't seem to stop thinking about his and Widget's argument that happened earlier, and ends up going insane.
  12. (51) A Wuzzleburg Wedding (Movie 4) - Mayor Woozle is getting married but Wubbzy suspects his bride is evil.
  13. (52) The Arrival of my Siblings Get that Ghost! - Wubbzy's brother and sister come to town. ; A ghost escapes from a haunted house.
  14. (53) First Time We've Met - Andy, Jack, and HooHoo talk about how they first met each other.
  15. (54) Escape from Camp Creepy - Andy, Jack, HooHoo, and Wubbzy find out that their camp site is haunted.
  16. (55) Let's Prank!My Best Birthday! - A fun evening of playing pranks turns into a night of chaos. ; Andy wants to invite everyone in Wuzzleburg to his birthday party, but not everyone comes.
  17. (56) Tough Moments - Jack struggles to cope with the separation of his parents.
  18. (57) The New Child My New Little Sibling - Wubbzy's mother is having a baby. ; Wubbzy meets his new baby brother, Zaggy.
  19. (58) Oh, My! - Widget and Walden get into a fight, which causes Wubbzy and Daizy frustration.
  20. (59) Too Many Memories (Movie 5) - A terrible accident causes misery for everyone in Wuzzleburg.
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