Season 1 (2011-2012) Edit

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Episode title Original air date
1A 1A Gerbil Or Cat? August 5th, 2011
1B 1B Wubbzy Creates A Commercial August 5th, 2011
2A 2A Wubbzy Hawk August 12th, 2011
2B 2B RoboWidget August 12th, 2011
3A 3A Batteries Should Have Been Included August 19th, 2011
3B 3B Time Machine August 19th, 2011
4A 4A Tree Climbing August 26th, 2011
4B 4B Wubbzy's Driver License August 26th, 2011
5A 5A Inside Memory Lane October 14th, 2011
5B 5B Call Ya' Later October 14th, 2011
6A 6A Squirrels Take Over October 21st, 2011
6B 6B Too Fast October 21st, 2011
7 7 Ghost Catchers October 28th, 2011
8A 8A The Legend Of The Pirate Treasure Snatcher November 4th, 2011
8B 8B Big Bad November 4th, 2011
9A 9A Daizy's Birthday November 11th, 2011
9B 9B Thanks For The Givings November 11th, 2011
10A 10A Wubbzy News With Wubbzy & Daizy January 6th, 2012
10B 10B Snowflakes January 6th, 2012
11A 11A Wuzzleberg's Annual Doodleberry Eating Competition January 13th, 2012
11B 11B Owl Howl January 13th, 2012
12A 12A The Runaway Pet Truck February 3rd, 2012
12B 12B The Invasion February 3rd, 2012
13 13 A Horrible Valentine February 10th, 2012

Season 2 (2012-2013) Edit

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Episode title Original air date
14 1 A Wubbzy Carol December 21st, 2012
15a 2a Rocking N' Rolling January 4th, 2013
15b 2b Stolen Breakfast January 4th, 2013
16a 3a 2Cool4School January 11th, 2013
16b 3b Walden's Science Club January 11th, 2013
17a 4a The Upside Down Episode April 26th, 2013
17b 4b Ugly April 26th, 2013
18a 5a It's Bug Day May 3rd, 2013
18b 5b Ducks VS Birds May 3rd, 2013
19 6 Nobody Knows The Past Years Anymore... Until Now May 10th, 2013
20a 7a El Mexico Way July 19th, 2013
20b 7b Stupid Monsters: The Video Game July 19th, 2013
21a 8a Picture Un-Perfect July 26th, 2013
21b 8b Is It The Right Time For The Right Crime? July 26th, 2013
22a 9a Spoilers Ahead, Beware! August 2nd, 2013
22b 9b You're Not Punny! August 2nd, 2013
23a 10a The Steps August 9th, 2013
23b 10b Wuzzleberg's Funniest Home Videos August 9th, 2013

Season 3 (2014–2015) Edit

  • This season contains a new intro. (same song as usual).
  • Widget's voice is now done by Lisa Ann Beley.
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Episode title Original air date
24a 1a One Two Three Four Five, Who Cares? February 7th, 2014
24b 1b Daizy The Flower February 7th, 2014
25 2 The Perfect Valentines February 14th, 2014
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