Best of Wubbzy
Wow! Wow! Wubbzy! Best of Wubbzy
Discs 1
Episodes 7
Bonus features 3
Release date May 9, 2006

Best of Wubbzy Volume 1 (or Best of Wubbzy Vol 1) is a Wow! Wow! Wubbzy! DVD which contains four episodes from Season 1 and three episodes from Season 2 (six including one bonus episode). This DVD focuses on episodes revolving around the title character, Wubbzy, which were all chosen by Facebook fans.



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Summary EditEdit

"Wow! Wow! It's Wubbzy's greatest adventures!

We asked Wubbzy fans - especially parents - to choose their favorite episodes via Facebook, and these are the winners! In these six great adventures, Wubbzy helps baby chirpees who've lost their mother,Widget builds a robot to teach Wubbzy a lesson, Daizy gets a visit from a fill-in tooth fairy, and everybody has fun on the first day of spring! There's plenty of singing, dancing and important lessons about sharing and caring too! All in the first-ever Wubbzy collection chosen by the fans themselves!"

 ==Episodes Edit==

Bonus episode EditEdit

Bonus Features EditEdit

Trivia EditEdit

  • This DVD is featured in the Best Of Collection with the three other Best of DVDs: Best of Widget!,Best of Walden, and Best of Daizy!.
  • This is the only DVD in the Best of Collection (and overall) to feature fan-chosen episodes.
  • Despite being labeled "Volume 1", this the only Best of Wubbzy DVD and the others in the collection did not have this suffix.
  • "Wubbzy's Big Makeover" is featured as the only standalone Wubb Girlz episode outside of the Wubb Idol DVD, which featured an extended cut of the film with all eight episodes seamlessly joined together.

Errors EditEdit

  • "Wubbzy's Big Makeover" is incorrectly titled "Wubbzy's Makeover".
  • On the back of the DVD, "Wubbzy Bounces Back!" lacks the exclamation mark.
  • On the DVD opening, there are some frames that have another of the same character or their limbs placed behind the appropriately placed ones.
  • The DVD was going to be released on July 5, 2005, then it planned to be released on January 10, 2006, but was ultimately released on May 9, 2006 (1 year before).